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miniOrange is founded by security architects and technology leaders who have extensive experience in solving complex security problems of the industry via technology using global delivery models. Our Differentiation lies in applying technical expertise and experience to unique Industry needs and challenges. The team at miniOrange brings extensive experience and expertise in Security Consulting and Product development.

We take pride in partnering with our customers and bring forth our security domain expertise in Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, Mobile Security, Vulnerability Management and have specific products and solutions in these areas.

Our team includes security architects and information security professionals who have extensive experience in design, architecture and delivery of complex enterprise security products. We have built high performing teams in US and India and scaled them to support mid and large sized enterprises.

Our team has multiple papers published on various security and engineering topics related to Strong Authentication, Access Governance, Vulnerability management, Mobile Security – Access Gateway, Cloud Security – IAM of a cloud stack, Agile adoption in distributed teams, Team collaboration etc. We are also a strong agile proponent and have successfully transformed teams doing waterfall into adopting agile/scrum methodologies. We have been responsible for leading a range of product releases, from a v1.0 to a flagship product generating millions of dollars in revenue.

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Strong Authentication

miniOrange Strong Authentication Solutions ensure right set of eyes have access to your sensitive and critical information sitting on the cloud or on premise. Our Widest range of strong authentication methods and easy to set up solutions offers increased security at minimum TCO.

Single Sign on

miniOrange Single Sign-on solution ensures seamless access to all enterprise resources, Once Authenticated with miniOrange SSO, users can easily connect and navigate within enterprise as per policies.

Fraud Prevention

miniOrange Fraud prevention solution leverages users’ personalized information like behavior, location and device to authenticate and provides access to resources and prevents attacks not detected by static security solutions.. Our flexible and sophisticated policy management system runs on our proprietary miniOrange Risk Engine that allows you to configure and customize risk policies as per your requirements.

IS Decisions makes it easy to manage and secure your Microsoft Windows and Active Directory Infrastructure.

With solutions for user access control, file auditing, server and desktop reporting, and remote installations, IS Decisions combines the powerful security today’s business world mandates with the innovative simplicity the modern user expects. Over 3,400 customers around the world rely on IS Decisions to prevent security breaches; ensure compliance with major regulations, such as SOX, FISMA and HIPAA; and gain time and cost-savings for IT.

IS Decisions, founded in 2000, is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Biarritz, France.



Our Products


UserLock limits concurrent logins, restricts access, monitors, alerts and reports on session activity throughout the corporate Windows network.

An effective solution for addressing the challenges of data loss, device management and employee monitoring on handheld devices.


FileAudit monitors, archives and reports on access (or access attempts) to sensitive files and folders stored on Microsoft Windows systems.

A protective layer on sensitive content going via corporate email channel to any third party.


RemoteExec remotely installs applications, executes programs, scripts and updates files and folders on Windows systems throughout the network.

A protective layer between the end user and the actual printer server to filter all incoming requests before its printed.


WinReporter retrieves detailed information about hardware, software and security settings from Windows systems and automatically generates reports.

A protective layer between the end user and the actual printer server to filter all incoming requests before its printed.