Data Loss Prevention


Combat Insider Threat Intelligently With inDefend

inDefend is built to achieve full transparency over all the computers of the organization by maintaining relevant data and network control. The application is designed to prevent access to unauthorized removable media devices, websites and applications.


  • Maximum transparency over every employee regardless of the organizational strength
  • Full control over remote workforce and their productivity
  • Protection against data compromise.
  • Protect trade and financial secrets from falling into competitors’ hand
  • Complete control over exiting employees and transparency on their activities
  • A unique workflow analysis to manage access permissions for scattered employees
  • Full fidelity report of employee behaviour on digital assets and their productivity
  • Record and maintain live screenshots of employee crimes for legal proceedings




Combat Insider Threat Intelligently With inDefend

Additional Threat Modules


An effective solution for addressing the challenges of data loss, device management and employee monitoring on handheld devices.

  • A Secure Solution to Meet Your Business Objectives¬†
  • Visibility on Employee Activities
  • Corporate Devices Management
  • Mobility with Maximum Security
  • Disciplined Workflows
  • Employee Forensics
  • Better Compliance

Secure Email Gateway

A protective layer on sensitive content going via corporate email channel to any third party.

  • Shadow log all emails and attachments
  • Monitor outbound emails sent via Exchange Server
  • Filter content of all outgoing emails
  • Monitor outbound emails sent via office 365 and Google Applications (GSuite)
  • A complete visibility on all outgoing corporate emails, even on alien devices.
  • Congregate details of the offender inside the organization in case of data leakage.
  • An in-depth analysis of outgoing corporate emails including information about the sender, recipient and the mail content.

Secure Printer Gateway

A protective layer between the end user and the actual printer server to filter all incoming requests before its printed.

  • Monitor all print requests submitted to the secure printer gateway along with the details of the file being printed
  • Shadow log of documents submitted for printing
  • Content analysis of all print requests submitted to the secure printer gateway
  • An added layer of security around print devices.
  • Reduced data leakage attempts via print.
  • Establish clear audit trail and forensic reports around print activities executed with malicious intent.
  • Real-time alert sent to the administrator on the occurrence of vicious activities.