Network Security



Spamina offers a holistic solution for secure messaging for enterprises concerned with data protection and compliance that are looking for non-US cloud implementation


  • Spamina develops and provides corporations with flexible and Secure Digital Communications.
  • Managing and mitigating cyber-crime related risk is critical. Spamina’s solutions enable IT functions to protect their businesses without creating inertia or introducing excessive deployment or operational costs.
  • The threat landscape evolves continuously as instant messaging use increases the need to protect this communication channel becomes ever more important. Spamina enables protection and management of your email & instant messaging from the cloud.
  • Cost-effective: by eliminating the need of deploying traditional on-premise infrastructure, important costs associated with investment and maintenance are saved.
  • A system failure, maintenance or just a simple upgrade can disconnect your local email server and make non-operational your network. Our cloud will prevent any productivity hindrance by queuing email up.
  • Spamina ensures business continuity, scalability of the service and its manageability from an integrated console at all levels: end user, IT administrator and partner.

Spamina’s solutions offer security, scalability and business continuity

Parla - Secure Cloud Email

The mailbox platform that meets your security needs. A corporate cloud solution designed to provide enterprise-class email, instant messaging, Outlook plugin, calendar and collaboration within a safe environment anywhere from any device.

ParlaMI – Enterprise Instant Messaging

ParlaMI’s sophisticated encryption system protects your conversations from any network threat or data leakage while ensuring that confidentiality is not compromised. Available for IOS & Android and via Outlook plugin, and webmail. ParlaMI can be purchased independently, or it comes included for free to any Parla customer. The following security add-ons are also available: ParlaMI IM FW (DLP & Antimalware) and ParlaMI IM Archiving.

Cloud Email Firewall

Spamina classifies the inbound & outbound email traffic within the categories spam/possible spam/bulk email, so that corporate email gets efficiently delivered. Email queueing in the event of server outage.

Advanced Threat Protection

Spamina ATP solution includes sandboxing and Premium antvirus technology to protect your email against advanced persistent threats (ransomware, cryptolocker,…) in real time.

Cloud Email Archiving

Cloud Email Archiving prevents the manipulation of the email content by rendering it immutable. The email gets automatically indexed, stamped for integrity and archived. Storage capacity is virtually unlimited.

Cloud Email Encryption & DLP

Cloud Email Encryption & DLP is a policy-based managed encryption solution. This engine not only encrypts messages based on pre-defined corporate policies, it re-directs and prevents confidential information from being distributed over the Internet to the wrong people.

SPAMINA for Office 365

PAMINA for Office 365™ consists of an array of security solutions in the cloud designed to provide organizations with additional security layers for the Microsoft® email service. The integration with the Spamina’s Outlook™ plugin (2007/2010/2013/2016) ensures that the user’s interface experience remains unchanged.