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For almost 25 years Vectron has produced POS software and robust, high-quality Point of sale systems that are much more than simple cash registers. With more than 150,000 installations in 30 countries today, Vectron is the market leader for hospitality and bakery trade in the German speaking areas.

The end user spectrum reaches from the one-station-installation in the restaurant of a small town to a network with 1,000 POS systems, e.g. for Klier, the largest European hairdresser chain.POS systems made by Vectron lend themselves for many trades, thanks to the flexible POS software.

The basic idea of bonVito was developed back in 2002 within Vectron Systems AG. The vision of developing a system that intelligently connects the POS system as the central billing and controlling instrument to online services was born. As visions need time to mature, it took approximately 10 years until we launched a product unique in its versatility on the market with “bonVito by Vectron” in 2011. In 2012 bonVito was then transferred as a 100 percent subsidiary of Vectron Systems AG to a separate GmbH (private limited company) so that both companies can now concentrate on their respective core competences.

BonVito is a multi-channel marketing platform which meanwhile comprises numerous customer retention functions, e-payment, online table reservation and live reporting and which we are developing further. Thanks to the modular structure, you can very specifically select the right functions for your needs. This results in a tangible added value for you and your customers. Our success story has just begun and we look forward to inspiring you with our unique range of services and the increasing number of practical functions.


RetailEdge POS Software has been helping businesses with their inventory, point of sale,customer and order tracking needs for 25 years. RetailEdge point of sale software is easy to install, inexpensive and has many powerful features that most POS solutions charge thousands of dollars for. Works with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 8 Intel-based tablets. Use your existing computer or one of the many specialty point of sale all-in-one workstations.

RetailEdge Island is a mobile POSsoftware that allows you to manage your store even when you are off-line or away from your store! Make changes to your data remotely even when you are disconnected from the internet. Get reconnected and your information automatically synchronizes with the store..

TracerPlus is the only free to try mobile application builder that gives programmers and non-programmers the ability to build and deploy Enterprise Class Mobile Barcode and RFIDApps in minutes. TracerPlus bridges the gap between custom and off the shelf mobile software giving businesses the best of both worlds without compromise.

Build – Enterprise class mobile applications to track anything – BarCode and RFID Enterprise Enabled.

Connect your mobile applications to your business’ database system. Compatible with Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Access, Salesforce and most ODBC systems.

Deploy – Supports a wide range of mobile devices from tablets to phones, enterprise class to consumer, and Windows Mobile / CE, Android and iOS (coming soon) devices.



The World’s Most Advanced Point of Sale Software
Fast, flexible and packed with convenient features, WinRest™ and it’s family of products enhance every sales environment. WinRest™ restaurant management software is the most trusted, secure, reliable and affordable point of sale solution that actually helps Owners and Operators succeed.

WinRest™ is found across the world and there is a reason why it has been ranked # 1 in many Independent North American and worldwide Customer satisfaction surveys again and again.


We do the Lifecycle engineering for the Laundry Business

Label Printing

Delivery Dates Tracking

Customer Management

Promotions and much more !!!! Fun

Integration options to ERP



Discreet communication and greater efficiency – with a restaurant pager / coaster
The situation is familiar: There are many guests in the restaurant, at the café or in the cafeteria. Some are waiting to order, others are waiting for their food to be ready. Some ask when food is ready and where they can collect it. Others ask staff for updates on their order. The guest paging system makes it possible to communicate with customers in an efficient, discreet and comfortable way via the discreet restaurant pager.
How the guest paging system works
Once guests have ordered and paid for their food, they are given a restaurant pager, a small coaster pager easily carried to and placed on the table. The customer takes the disc to their table. When the food is ready, you send a signal to the disc which beeps and flashes discreetly. This lets the customer know that their order is ready to be collected. While guests are waiting for their food, they keep a close eye on the disc. It may therefore be a good place for branding, advertising or cross-selling.