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Workforce Management for Today’s Connected World !
Attendance, Rota, Payroll Process Integrated with Intelligence

What it has


What it has



● Workforce dashboard enables to view your company wide information in an informative, attractive, user-friendly interface with real-time statistics.
● Your employees can view their own personal information in intuitive format for a quick overview of their statistical data.
● Managers can quickly find insights of your employees, improvising recruiting, optimizing workplace management and enhance employee performance.
● KPI dashboard with integrated view of all business metrics.
● AI analytics identifies trends and provides correlations in real time based on individual employee or entire organizational data.

● Empowers employees themselves to handle their fundamental activities and helps HR save time.Provides employees access to their personal records, view, edit and update them.
● Helps employees to do their HR operations, such check in/out , applying for leave, approvals, expenses, access to their schedules, viewing the policies required and more.
● Apply Travel request and expense approvals.
● Employee Asset acknowledgement and transfers.
● Update their academics and professional skills.
● Manage their legal Documents like passports, national ID and manage their expiry.
● Apply for organizational Exit approval process with a paperless hand-over.

● Record daily, weekly or monthly online time stamps of your employees. Send approval for timesheets and validate all hours of work and ensure that nothing is excluded.
● Increase productivity by planning your projects and assigning jobs to your respective employees.
● Leave management and simplified approval process.
● Autobot reminds employees to send in their time logs if it's delayed or ignored.
● Schedule Jobs against projects to quantify project costing.
● Workflow process for timesheet approvals.
● Create multiple shift schedules and assign employees to the rota.
● Calendar to view & track employee shift, project, and jobs assigned.
● Generate detailed reports based on employee timesheets, projects, jobs, and shift rota.

● Register attendance device into our IOT platform under your synchronized account.
● Classify and map device based on location & branch.
● Enroll employees and synchronize user templates across the organization.
● Supports all types of user templates based on fingerprint, Card, and Face recognition.
● Automatically integrates with many popular device brands - Actatek, SecureTek, Anviz, ZKTeco, SecureID, Suprema.

● Custom Policy-based payroll process.
● Payroll automation to calculate organization-wide salary with all statutory compliances.
● Comprehensive benefits management.
● Deduct and generate salary slips against organization benefits, expenses, and deductions.
● Auto-generate pay slips and deliver via email for records and reference.
● Clean simple to view employee history of salary and benefits from on-boarding to off-boarding.

● Simple Online Document Drive for all your HR needs. A centralized file sharing vault between the employees securely.
● Your organization data to store your company policy, travel policy, anti-sexual policy, social media policy, insurance etc..
● Personalized storage space for employee documents like passport, driving license, national ID, insurance etc.
● Standard forms and templates for specific organization approvals and requests

What it has


What it has